JD’s 2015 Ballpark Tour; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Part VII: Rogers Centre

(AKA: Canadian Hospitality At Its Best)

The previous three ballparks I went to weren’t exactly the cream of the crop. Combined with the humid weather, I was ready to begin a new phase of my travels. I got my passport and was ready to head back into Canada. I had been looking forward to returning to the Great White North since my last trip to Montreal which you can read about here. I was also looking forward to visiting Toronto because I had never been there, and I was visiting a long-time friend, television’s Ryan Vickers! Additionally, I had been previously contacted by the Toronto Blue Jays after they were so kind to replace my Montreal Expos hat from the visit to Stade Olympique. The Blue Jays organization already went above and beyond to replace the hat. They were so kind before, how could they possibly top that?


The events leading up to this day were something else. First off, I had been featured on MLBlogs, and because I was e-mailing back and forth someone named Sydney from the Guest Experience Team, my blog was starting to see some consistent traffic. Plus, Sydney mentioned sharing my blog with others from the team! So while I was excited to meet the people from the organization, I was happy to see the formerly-named SkyDome in all its glory. I should mention that Ryan showed me the best of what Toronto has to offer. I went to the 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, the Hockey Hall of Fame (which was a huge highlight for me), and Steam Whistle Brewery! The day was capped off by a great baseball game at an underrated stadium.


Ballpark 21: Rogers Centre, elevation 90 metres

The game: Red Sox @ Blue Jays on June 30, 2015
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