JD’s 2015 Ballpark Tour; Atlanta, Georgia

Part IV: Turner Field

(AKA: Baseball in Hot-lanta)

With the hockey season over and work drawing to a close for the summer, I was ready to resume my travels to the MLB ballparks across the nation. Mid-June was my earliest possible time to leave home without any work getting in the way. Luckily, my cousin, Danny, lived fairly close to Turner Field and wanted me to visit him. I jumped at the chance to visit family AND be able to knock out another ballpark. I hadn’t posted too much at the time, but was still catching up from the previous season. That would all change after this trip. On the plane ride to Atlanta and the night before the game, I had finished two posts, and had them in the back-burner ready to upload… but I had no internet until Monday when I had my free day in Columbus, Georgia. It was certainly catch-up time for me, and it was time to go on the road for nearly a month.


Ballpark 18: Turner Field, elevation 1050 feet

The game: Mets @ Braves on June 21, 2015

I got into town Saturday early morning, and was staying with my cousin and his future family at their place. We ended up catching up and sleeping pretty late. Since the game was on a Sunday night with a 5pm start, this gave me and the family a chance to sleep in a bit and celebrate Father’s Day with him. It was a good morning, and a good way to start off the day. Soon, we made the trek to the park so we could all sit together. At least parking right across the street from the park is only $15. It might seem expensive to some people, but believe me, that is nothing compared to quite a few other ballparks.

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JD’s Ballpark Tour, Eighth Inning (Flushing, NY)

Part VIII: Citi Field

    There is a lesson learned when one travels for weeks on end. Always expect the unexpected. The night before I entered New York City was certainly unexpected because the hotel I stayed at was quite possibly the worst experience I’ve had at a hotel in a long time, and this was supposed to be a good one, too. I won’t call out the place on here, but I’m STILL waiting to hear back from them about compensation (yes, it was THAT bad because I barely got any sleep, either). As I hopped on the train to get into the city, I said goodbye to the lush, grassy areas of everywhere I had been. Then I pulled into Penn Station, ready to get my Metro Pass for the week. After finally doing my laundry (because I couldn’t even do that at the horrible hotel I was previously at), I got a good night’s sleep, and even caught up on my sleep…

Ballpark 7: Citi Field, elevation 11 feet

The game: Giants @ Mets on August 4, 2014


    …but I may have caught up too much anticipating the doubleheader that lay ahead of me. I woke up only two hours before game time, and very quickly got ready and made my way to the subway. The transfer to the 7 train wasn’t too bad, and I even made the stop at Mets- Willets Point with more time to spare than I thought. Because of this, I was able to buy my ticket and really think about what seat I wanted. After some thought, I decided on a great $22 ticket on the front row of the upper box. This turned out to have an incredible view of the whole stadium. More on that in a second.

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