JD’s Ballpark Tour, Fifteenth Inning (Anaheim, CA)

The MLB season was winding down, and after that disappointing Texas trip with some last place teams, I was ready to watch some meaningful baseball again. Now that I was back in southern California, I knew I had to make my return trip to Anaheim and arrive back to a “home ballpark” for me. In mid-September, the Angels were in first place in the AL West, and still owned the best record in baseball thanks to the MVP efforts of Mike Trout. Since I was still recovering from an injury and wasn’t dancing for a while, my weekends opened up now. I thought to myself, “Why not check out a great team, for a change?”

Ballpark 12: Angel Stadium of Anaheim, elevation 150 feet

The game: Astros @ Angels on September 13, 2014


Getting to this ballpark is really a piece of cake as there are multiple entrances to the parking areas, and they do allow tailgating in some areas. Parking is ten bucks, but that isn’t bad at all. Since this is a home ballpark for me, I knew exactly where to park and how early I should get there. I choose to park away from the main roads that way there aren’t any cars blocking the now-opened exits. Oh, I should also mention that it was my birthday weekend. Before going to the Angels game, I went to Disneyland to get my birthday button and celebrate my Disney birthday. Since I had the pin on, I was directed to customer services and was given a special “Happy Birthday” card. That’s so nice of them!

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