Post Season Baseball, Pod Casts, and Predictions (Fourteenth Inning Stretch)

The funny thing about writing a traveling baseball blog during the summer is the drama that can unfold over the course of a season. When I first began this journey, I didn’t expect to see the large amount of traveling Royals fans as I did in Arlington, Texas. I also didn’t expect to see some of the crazy baseball I saw in the month of September (and October), but more on that later!


While I was glad to see my Dodgers make the postseason, I was heart broken to see the Dodgers go out the way they did. As I write this, the Royals and Giants are about to begin a World Series that nobody expected, including myself. Here were my predictions for the Division Series matchups:

Angels/Royals: Angels in 5
Orioles/Tigers: O’s in 4

Nationals/Giants: Giants in 4
Dodgers/Cardinals: Dodgers in 5

As you now know, both southern California teams lost each of their division series, sadly. The only series I predicted exactly was the Giants series over the Nats. As for the Orioles series against the Tigers, I really thought David Price would win game three in Detroit. Plus, I knew that Camden Yards crowd would be completely nuts for the first two playoff games in Baltimore. Having made friends there, I was glad to see them advance.

The sweep of the Angels came as a shock to almost everyone, including myself. However, I knew the inexperience of the Angels would come back to haunt them. I just didn’t expect them to lose like they did at home. Mike Trout didn’t have a successful two games at the Big A, and Josh Hamilton went hit-less in the playoffs. Many fans have become disenfranchised with Hamilton and hope to see him out of the team now. A sad ending to a once promising season.

The biggest disappointment of the playoffs was the Dodgers’ performance. Clayton Kershaw had two bad innings, and that cost his team the series. I was at that first game, and Clayton was dealing during the middle of the game. At one point, he had 14 consecutive outs, and I thought to myself, “If he can get through seven innings, the Dodgers will be okay.” It was in that 7th inning that the Cardinals put up eight runs to give them the win and knock the once-invincible Clayton Kershaw out of the game. This left the crowd in a stunned silence, and I’ve never heard a crowd deflate like the crowd at Dodger Stadium that night. We expected Kershaw to get out of that jam and finish them off. In fact, he was only one strike away from preserving the lead. But Matt Carpenter had other ideas…

With every series ending in four games or less, there was none of that “game five drama” that I was hoping for. Also, because the dates for each championship series was set in stone, I had time to make my predictions for each series.

Orioles/Royals: O’s in 6

Cardinals/Giants: Giants in 5

Yes, I actually predicted that NLCS exactly. Something about that “even years” luck that work for the Giants. Plus, I believed that San Francisco had better overall pitching than St. Louis. The one thing I didn’t expect was Travis Ishikawa winning the pennant for the Giants. I will say this, I was on my way home from work and had the option to either listen to ESPN Radio on AM-710 or listen to Jon Miller on KNBR AM-680. I chose to listen to the Giants home radio broadcast since it was coming in clearly on that night. I made the right decision. Jon Miller is such a fantastic story teller, and he did a brilliant job on that call.

The Royals… who expected that? I’m beyond words about the Kansas City Royals, so I will just cut to my World Series Prediction.



As a lifelong Dodgers fan, it pains me to say this. Four years ago, I didn’t predict the Giants to win it simply because I hated the Giants (and I thought the Rangers were a better team in 2010). Somewhere along the road, I got the chance to work in multiple sports leagues, and even got the chance to write about my experiences while on this very trip! I’ve worked hockey games in multiple cities, and learned that it’s okay to be impartial.

Two years ago, I picked the Giants for the sole reason that I thought the Giants were the much better team against the Tigers. This year, I think the Giants are a much deeper team, and while the Royals are riding this amazing streak, they remind me of the 2007 Colorado Rockies. The Royals are happy to be there, the Giants have been there.


So, that’s my prediction! Please keep reading for more posts on my ballpark tour! Coming up tomorrow, my post on another minor league game, then games at Anaheim, Oakland, and San Francisco from the day they clinched the playoffs! Wouldn’t it just be impeccable timing if I made that AT&T Park post the day after the Giants win the World Series?

Also, if you guys remember my post from Yankee Stadium, my friend, Jason Block, is part of a podcast that I’m proud to now be a part of. The podcast is called “Touch ‘Em All” and we go over the week’s events in baseball and look ahead to games coming up. You can check it out here: Touch ‘Em All

Thanks to everyone for reading, and I will see you guys at the ballpark!



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