Quick Catch-Up Post (Between the Innings)

I know I haven’t made any new posts, and that’s mainly due to the fact that aside from doing some sight-seeing, I’ve just watched three games in three nights, including two featuring a home-town team on the road. Two of those games lasted over 3 and a half hours, and one of those ended after four-plus hours in walk-off fashion.

Sadly, I also realized that I gave a young fan at the Nationals game who was incredibly curious about my trip the wrong URL information. However, I also did give him the name of this blog. If you’re reading this and found it, please let me know! To avoid this from now on, I now put the correct URL on my phone’s bookmarks for anyone interested in this story.

Meanwhile, I did post a quick write-up for Inside The Halos as a correspondent to Wednesday night’s game. This is more about the experience than the game, so please give it a read!

LINK to the story on Inside The Halos

Tomorrow is an off-day as of right now. However, I might be convinced to check out tomorrow’s Orioles game, as well….. if there are either really cheap tickets left, or some really awesome fans willing to give me a free ticket. Is Camden Yards that amazing?

In a word. Yes.





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