JD’s Ballpark Tour, An Introduction

The Beginning of a Grand Adventure

Hey hey! I’m back!

I know it has been over half a decade since I last wrote on here, but this monumental trip I’m just beginning is more than enough of a reason to bring back the Chavez Chronicles. Appropriately enough, the first part of this trip would take place on the home stadium that this particular blog is based on. That second home is Dodger Stadium.

This blog is taking a detour and will focus on an ambitious trip across, at least, nine different consecutive Major League Baseball ballparks across the country. I call this, “JD’s Ballpark Tour” (#JDsBaseballTour on twitter and instagram). Before we begin, I must mention this short story on how this all started. Unbelievably, this adventure started last December. Actually, it all began Christmas morning. My mother and sister got me a cool gift that I couldn’t really use until April of this year. They got me the laminated poster of a map of all the MLB ballparks.


   We had already planned on going to Boston in April for Boston Marathon weekend, and they knew that I had already seen games in a dozen different stadiums in my lifetime. In fact, I have visited over a dozen stadiums, including a few that are no longer baseball stadiums (one of them is about to be torn down in San Francisco). This poster includes a set of stickers that says “Been here” denoting where I have gone. With this gift included the specific directions that I place stickers on where I’ve gone, and that I need to put this to good use when the baseball season begins, starting with my new visit, Fenway Park, in April for Boston Marathon weekend. Maybe on another separate post, I will post about my travels to Boston, but this series is about my immediate travels in July and August and the many different places in such a short span of time.


   In preparing for this trip, I had to make sure I had some time off from work teaching older students the joys of mathematics, and also have enough time off from hockey. I also had to look at the MLB schedule and see when certain teams have home dates. One important thing I looked at was when I was in a large metropolitan area and able to see two different ballparks in consecutive days. This trip was carefully crafted out of a desire to, not only see the country, but to see games from different perspectives and look through the lenses of different fan bases. This doesn’t, in any way, mean I’m a bandwagon fan or will root for the home team wherever I go, especially if they’re playing against my Dodgers. However, I hope to make many friends across the country and get a sense of their community. So far, this is the breakdown of my trip:

July 13th for the Padres @ Dodgers game in Los Angeles (Dodger Stadium)

July 20th for the Mets @ Padres game in San Diego (Petco Park)

July 21st for the Tigers @ Diamondbacks game in Phoenix (Chase Field)

July 26th for the Diamondbacks @ Phillies game in Philadelphia (Citizens Bank Park)

July 29th and/or 30th for Angels @ Orioles game(s) in Baltimore (Camden Yards)

July 31st for the Phillies @ Nationals game in Washington, D.C. (Nationals Park)

August 4th for the Giants @ Mets day game in Flushing, NY (Citi Field)

August 4th for the Tigers @ Yankees night game in Bronx, NY (Yankee Stadium)

Home: Any Angels game in Anaheim (Angel Stadium)

Hopefully, this blog will inspire others to explore the country and maybe try this, also. The other hope is that I will get enough readers that other people will want to put me up at their flat for a night, and I could travel to even more ballparks! Nine different ballparks in such a short span is great, but I’d like to extend that, if possible. In this blog, I will discuss some of the different nuances of each ballpark, and explore which parks have the best bang for the buck food. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to “JD’s Ballpark Tour” with my first stop at my home town Dodger Stadium.

(Be sure to check the hash-tag, #JDsBallparkTour. My Twitter and Instagram is: @StimpyJD)



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