Meeting Bill Russell (aka: Dodger Clinch Day part 1)

So as I wrote on my last entry, Bill Russell was signing autographs and meeting people around town this Saturday morning. To say the least, it was an amazing experience. My mom got there pretty early, and there were only a few people in front of her, including a fellow Dodger blogger who happens to be among the top fan MLBloggers here! Anyway, my mom saved a spot for myself and my friend, Paul, and we got there around 9:40, with only a small handful of people behind us. It wasn’t until about 10am that the crowd started to form (and by crowd, I mean about 20 people).

Fortunately, where the signing took place was literally down the street from where my mom works, and she was very excited to meet one of her favorite former Dodgers. Here is that picture after he signed the ’81 World Series poster.



Yes, it was very cool indeed, and he was very excited to see the Dodgers ready to sweep the Cubs. This was a very fun morning, and now I’ll be headed to see my cousin, and then off to Dodger Stadium to see the boys in blue clinch their way into the NLCS!


Good luck to the Dodgers tonight, and I’ll see you guys at the stadium, perhaps!

Think Blue, and beat those Cubbies!


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