Postseason Anticipation

“If summer is for the boys, then fall is definitely for the men.” ~Steve Garvey

It’s now that time of year. With the regular season over, it is now time to focus on that wonderful month of October where eight teams vie for their ultimate goal, the championship trophy. While the Cubs possess the best record in the National League to give them home-field advantage, and they are hugely favored to win the series, I don’t think the Cubs can overcome their century-long curse in a five-game series. Even with Brad Penny out of the lineup, Los Angeles still has a solid one-two punch with Lowe and the surprising Chad Billingsley. Earlier this season, Billingsley had a quality start going six frames and only giving up two earned runs. However, the Dodgers ended up losing that game by a score of 3-1.

But that was all in the past. The Cubbies have not faced the Dodgers this season with Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake, or Angel Berroa. Those three players have made such a phenomenal impact on the Dodgers that I don’t think any National League team can stop them right now. But, that’s why they play the game.

As for the other National League Division series, I have the Phillies actually winning this one in five games. C.C. Sabathia can only pitch twice this series, and those will be the two wins in the series for the Brewers. Without the seemingly unstoppable Sabathia pitching for the Brewers, they may not win another game, and therefore it will go five games. That’s my take on that series. Which means I think it will be the Dodgers and the Phillies in the NLCS. Yeah, I can’t even begin to predict what a series that would be. Of course, I could actually be very wrong on my predictions, but I hope not. =)

I’m going to leave this blog shorter than all the others, but I will end with this final word. If you guys remember my post from last week about the Tuesday game versus the San Diego Padres, you’ll know how much of a blast I had with my friend, Paul. Here is a video of why we love Dodger Stadium.


With that,

I bid you all adieu and let’s root our Dodgers on all the way to the end!

Think Blue!


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